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Welcoming Barry to the Ind-Tech Team!

We welcomed Barry into our logistics team on the 07th January. He is a great asset to the team and will enable us to provide excellent service to our customers by delivering the orders in a prompt and efficient manner. Barry is already fitting in well with the company, and it’s been great having him on board.

Do give him a wave if you see him out in one of the Ind-Tech vans!

Case Studies

Food & Drink Case Study – E-Stops

The Issue
Vitacress had issues with E-Stops, Grab Lines and Door Switches which were causing downtime due to water ingress. Paint was flaking off and falling onto the food conveyor belt which lead to loss of product through contamination and downtime due to the faulty parts.

The Solution
Full Stainless Steel IP69K Rated E-Stops, Grab Lines and Door Switches were supplied with LED`s, thus ensuring that the production manager and engineers had an easy visual check to see if the units were powered and working. The IP69K Rated E-Stops ensured the highest protection from any water ingress. The result? They haven’t needed to change a single unit in 2 years.

“The solution has reduced the downtime for these parts to zero, where we would have changed between 2-4 per month. These solutions have saved us thousands and they continue to do so. Ind-Tech really delivered not only a cost-effective solution but also the delivery times were always on schedule.”
Engineering Manager

Case Studies

Food & Drink Case Study – Geared Motors

The Issue
The food site had severe problems with geared motors which were failing due to water ingress and flaking paint, which ended up with a loss of produce and downtime to change the geared motors. The ones they were using were lasting less than four months due to the aggressive washdown procedure.

The Solution
Ind-Tech supplied NORD nsd-tupH Geared Motors which are not only IP69K, but also FDA Approved, corrosion resistant, no penetration of corrosion even if damaged, resistant to acids and alkalis (entire PH range) and manufactured using a special process which treats the aluminium body which isn’t painted like traditional geared motors.

“Since Ind-Tech came up with this solution we have had one geared motor installed for over two years without any problems. We decided to standardise our geared motors with NORD nsd-tupH across our entire site and we continue to gain valuable time and money back with every new installation.”

Indtech News

We are hiring for a Sales and Customer Service Advisor (POSITION FILLED)

Company Overview:

As an inclusive employer, we are proud of the diversity and flexibility that we have, and the breadth of skills and experience of our staff. IndTech is a supportive and collaborative place to work where we want employees to feel trusted and respected.

Ind-Tech offer a technical, outsourced procurement service, frequently working within a co-sourcing arrangement that allows our customers to fill the gaps and relieve capacity on their own purchasing teams.

This working partnership allows a greater and more efficient use of internal resources freeing up time for engineers, buyers and store men alike to concentrate on managing ongoing and future business within their own companies.

We strive to take the time-consuming, technical and challenging daily workload from customers’ staff, allowing them more time to plan, research and implement better working procedures, to improve efficiency and increase their own profits.

Ind-Tech has amassed combined industry experience of over 50 years, and as such are able to source any product at a competitive price, to the highest quality and deliver it on time, every time.

Job Overview:

As the Sales & Customer Services Advisor you will be responsible for providing a high level of Sales and Customer Service support for new and existing clients, covering the entire product range and service offering.

This is an ideal opportunity to continue to develop your career with a fast-growing company renowned for the quality of their service and the ability to provide an excellent level of technical support to their clients.

The company is looking for sales growth and offers great scope for the ideal candidate. Success will afford the individual considerable opportunity for career progression in the future, as the company expands its sales operation and to be a key part of a fast growing and entrepreneurial business.


Sales & Customer Services

Building an excellent understanding of the industry and Ind-Tech’s offering

Working closely with the Sales team to look at the strategy and to identify new opportunities to help to expand the company with an ambitious outlook

Identify and use initiative to seek out and cultivate major prospects

Work with clients and the internal team to offer an unbeatable service

Provide all necessary pre-sale communication to gain the custom

Supporting the business with existing customer base retention and expansion

Ensure great communication with both the clients and also the internal team to ensure that the Ind-Tech reputation continues to grow


Handle the purchasing of goods for clients in a prompt and cost effective manner

Reviewing and reducing costs of parts/orders as an ongoing task

Negotiating Supplier deals; – Carriage, Call Offs, Etc.…

Key point of contact in the office for clients

Answering queries and handling issues with clients

Help advise clients if any issues with purchases/goods and quickly coming to a positive resolution


Handle general office paperwork

Take phone calls and deal with messages and enquiries promptly and professionally

Ensure excellent communication internally and externally – calls and emails are responded to promptly

Follow company procedures

Follow relevant health and safety procedures

Other ad-hoc duties as required


Experience with basic MS office packages

Flexible and approachable

Able to work independently and good at planning and organising your own time

Excellent team player

Good numeracy & literacy skills


To apply for this role please send a CV and covering letter to with subject line Application.

Case Studies

Food & Drink Case Study – Sensors

The Issue
The customer had a steel sensor disc attached to a bearing which was used to count the rotations on a motor gearbox shaft. The sensor only had a short sensing range so it was fitted very close to the sensor disc, so any slight alignment issue caused the sensor disc to hit the front face of the sensor which immediately not only broke the sensor but shut the line down. They ere also experiencing water ingress with this same sensor.

The Solution
Ind-Tech supplied an IP69K Full Stainless Steel sensor which is manufactured from a single piece of stainless steel, meaning that even if the sensor was impacted on the front face it would still work. Also, the sensor had a longer sensing range so it could be mounted further away from the sensor disc thus enabling less chance of any impact. On top of this Ind-Tech also manufactured a bespoke sensor disc made from food grade nylon with stainless steel inserts for sensing which were installed flush to even lessen chance of any impact.

“What Ind-Tech were able to supply for this on-going issue, really shows their level of understanding and how much they care about our business. We were changing 6-8 sensors per month which had a big impact on the amount of product we were able to produce, and this has saved us over 40 hours a month and helped us to stay on target.”
Engineering Manager

Case Studies

Automotive Case Study – Conveyors

The Issue
The exhaust conveyors weren’t meeting the Health & Safety standard requirement; hot welded exhausts were being manually handled and carried, resulting in damage due to droppages and slower production times than were desired.

The Solution
Ind-Tech recommended improved conveyor systems which resulted in no manual handling, meeting the Health & Safety requirement. Additional benefits included reduced cost due to reduced breakages and increased speed of production (2 x faster).

“The conveyors have been a great improvement for our safety, assembly process and quality. We have significantly improved our production times and reduced costs.”
A.B. Production Engineer

Case Studies

Automotive Case Study – Vision Sensors

The Issue

Line downtime was an ongoing issue due to the inability of their existing sensors to detect failures, coupled with their existing sensors shorting-out regularly.

The Solution

Ind-Tech visited site to inspect the current sensors and recommended switching to IFM Vision Sensors. In automation technology, vision sensors have become an integral part in today’s assembly, production and quality monitoring. The O2D object recognition sensor with orientation-independent contour verification solves tasks like presence and position monitoring, quality control as well as sorting and counting.

“The sensors have been a great improvement for our assembly process and quality. We have significantly reduced our assembly times and improved failure detection at the same time.”
M.Z. Process Engineer

Case Studies

Automotive Case Study – Retractable Swing Arms

The Issue

The team on the paint line of this automotive manufacturer were having Health & Safety issues with their wax hoses dragging along the floor, causing trip hazards in what is already a slippery area with wax on the floor.

The Solution

Ind-Tech designed and manufactured retractable ‘swing-arms’ to house the hoses overhead and eliminate the trip hazards, reducing the Health & Safety risk.

“The swing arms are a welcome addition to the paint line. They’ve successfully removed the risk of tripping over the wax hoses, thank you Ind-Tech.”
Paint Line Manager