Case Studies

Food & Drink Case Study – E-Stops

Food supplier installed full stainless steel IP69K rated E-Stops, Grab Lines and Door Switches with LEDs to ensure an easy visual check for power. These have a high protection against water ingress.

The Issue
Vitacress had issues with E-Stops, Grab Lines and Door Switches which were causing downtime due to water ingress. Paint was flaking off and falling onto the food conveyor belt which lead to loss of product through contamination and downtime due to the faulty parts.

The Solution
Full Stainless Steel IP69K Rated E-Stops, Grab Lines and Door Switches were supplied with LED`s, thus ensuring that the production manager and engineers had an easy visual check to see if the units were powered and working. The IP69K Rated E-Stops ensured the highest protection from any water ingress. The result? They haven’t needed to change a single unit in 2 years.

“The solution has reduced the downtime for these parts to zero, where we would have changed between 2-4 per month. These solutions have saved us thousands and they continue to do so. Ind-Tech really delivered not only a cost-effective solution but also the delivery times were always on schedule.”
Engineering Manager