Being based in a county with large car manufacturing and associated supply chain, our team have in-depth technical and application knowledge gained over many years. We have assisted with design, manufacture and installation of bespoke system solutions, tool storage, specialist silicon free wipes building modifications, area refurbishments, rolling roads, conveyor chain upgrades, specialist protective coating of parts, tools storage, PPE, hydraulic and pneumatic spares and upgrades. We work closely with these companies to ensure they have the correct parts at the correct price exactly when they need them so there is no downtime through parts failure or extended lead times.

Following IndTech’s help the tools were always in good condition and exactly where needed. A.S. Lead Engineer

Automotive Case Study

The Issue

Contamination and tracing issues with bespoke tooling in the Paint Production Area.

The Solution

IndTech designed, built and delivered bespoke secure storage for the tools which resulted in a reduction of line stoppages of 15%.