We have years' of specialist knowledge in supplying food and drink processing sites with cost efficient solutions involving conveying, sorting, boxing and transporting products. A wide range of FDA approved products including food grade aerosols and lubricants, certified conveyor belting and modular plastic systems, metal detectable consumables and equipment can all be specified, supplied and covered with relevant COSHH, MSDS and FDA data sheets. Stainless fasteners, machined parts, fully sealed drive units, PPE workwear, hand and face protection, washdown equipment and clean pneumatic systems can also be designed and supplied to your requirements.

The solution designed and delivered saved money on initial chain cost and ongoing as machine downtime was virtually reduced to nil. P.C.

Food & Drink Case Study

The Issue
Site had issues with hot steel trays of cakes sliding back down an inclined stainless conveyor chain resulting in machine crashes and loss of product.
The Solution
A thermoplastic conveyor chain with high temperature rubber inserts was specified and fitted overnight to ensure production was not overly disrupted and future movement of trays could take place unhindered.