The pharmaceutical industry requires high levels of approval and fully documented supply chain which we have worked within effectively for many years. Our customers value our guaranteed service on time critical parts where both price and specification are key. We develop specific preventative maintenance plans in conjunction with our customers to ensure that all parts can be ordered, checked, packed and ready for installation precisely when scheduled. We stock and supply a full range of PPE for staff and visitors along with full backing documentation for anything used on a customer`s site. We supply certified FDA conveyor belting and stainless conveyor unit design, build and installation where required.

The foresight shown in helping to plan these service kits enabled us to save hundreds of man hours per year whilst ensuring the machines always performed to their peak. M.H. Lead Engineer

Pharamaceutical Case Study

The Issue
Preventative maintenance servicing of machines was operated on an ad hoc basis replacing whatever was found to be wearing resulting in engineers spending hours walking to stores for spares or worse still having to order them.
The Solution
A service kit of spares was devised and stored in a custom fitted box so all parts were to hand and all mini and full services were fully traceable resulting in time and money saved throughout the year.