Our team have in depth knowledge of parts and services required in Research and Development through working with the various laboratory`s and research facilities in and around the Oxfordshire area. We have supplied technical assistance, precision parts and specialist lubricants for Oxford University programmes and worked closely with precision fasteners and stainless vacuum fittings in several experimental sites. We supply complete clean room fit outs and subsequent consumables management within strict medical guidelines and delivery timelines. Our products are all fully traceable through our ISO system and extra COSHH, ATEX or material data sheets can be supplied where required.

Access to this area is strictly controlled and without the technical ability and first class service delivered by Ind-Tech the project would have been delayed at a cost of thousands. J.G. Technical Project Manager

Scientific Case Study

The Issue 

Restricted access to a highly sensitive project was jeopardised when door seals were found to have perished.

The Solution

Ind-Tech had replacement seals manufactured and delivered to site within 48 hours enabling the project to continue with no penalties.