Ind-Tech have worked alongside a variety of manufacturers in this field including foundries, joineries, fabricators, machine shops, sustainable home builders and are very familiar with all their specific needs and legislative requirements. We stock, recommend and supply quality abrasives with associated powertools, PPE and bespoke hand protection, raw materials, control equipment, pumps, motors and gearboxes. Machine shop equipment from UK manufacturers is available and can be specified to suit requirements, budget and space constraints.

Ind-Tech`s diligent work on this project resulted in a solution that reduced downtime and the labour to carry our costly repairs. L.H. Maintenance Engineer

Wood & Metal Case Study

The Issue
Critical pumps on site were having regular failures costing thousands in downtime and maintenance budgets.
The Solution
It was established by Ind-Tech that specialist seals suitable for glycol could be fitted extending pump life and saving between £5-10k per year.