Case Studies

Food & Drink Case Study – Sensors

The improved sensor is manufactured from a single piece of stainless steel with a longer sensing range enabling less chance of any impact.

The Issue
The customer had a steel sensor disc attached to a bearing which was used to count the rotations on a motor gearbox shaft. The sensor only had a short sensing range so it was fitted very close to the sensor disc, so any slight alignment issue caused the sensor disc to hit the front face of the sensor which immediately not only broke the sensor but shut the line down. They ere also experiencing water ingress with this same sensor.

The Solution
Ind-Tech supplied an IP69K Full Stainless Steel sensor which is manufactured from a single piece of stainless steel, meaning that even if the sensor was impacted on the front face it would still work. Also, the sensor had a longer sensing range so it could be mounted further away from the sensor disc thus enabling less chance of any impact. On top of this Ind-Tech also manufactured a bespoke sensor disc made from food grade nylon with stainless steel inserts for sensing which were installed flush to even lessen chance of any impact.

“What Ind-Tech were able to supply for this on-going issue, really shows their level of understanding and how much they care about our business. We were changing 6-8 sensors per month which had a big impact on the amount of product we were able to produce, and this has saved us over 40 hours a month and helped us to stay on target.”
Engineering Manager